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In this section you can  learn how to join AWS, support AWS, register to receive updates and information about AWS and participate in public consultations. These are accessible using the links on the left side of this page.

Multi-stakeholder participation is a core principle of water stewardship. AWS membership is the vehicle to implement multi-stakeholder governance.

Who can join AWS?

AWS Membership is open to legally registered organizations that are committed to the principles of water stewardship and to promoting the water stewardship system.

What are the benefits of AWS Membership?

To see who has joined already please visit the "AWS Members" page. 

“We had been struggling for years to address the issue of unit level water security which we knew was not possible without accounting for the interests of other stakeholders. AWS provided the framework and guidance to help us understand the issues involved and also develop our approach which has led to several projects being implemented across India” :- Sanjib Bezbaroa, ITC

“CARE USA became a member of the AWS as it is an innovative platform convening a much needed spectrum of stakeholders to promote a more responsible use of our world's limited freshwater resources” :- Kemi Seesink, CARE USA

Joining AWS will provide the opportunity to

  • Promote your organization’s support for responsible use of freshwater
  • Help to shape the technical development of the AWS system, including the AWS Standard, verification system and accreditation program.
  • Participate in shaping AWS governance and organizational structures
  • Build partnerships with other leading organizations

Membership categories

AWS Members are recognised as belonging to three categories: private sector, public sector and civil society groups.   

How to join AWS?

To become an AWS Member please download the membership application form and submit it to: INFO(AT)ALLIANCEFORWATERSTEWARDSHIP(DOT)ORG

Membership fees for 2017





AWS members





































Support AWS

As we roll out the AWS system, there are numerous opportunities to support the future development of AWS and water stewardship, either through funding or in-kind contributions. Options include

  • Pilot testing the AWS Standard, for example within your business or with supply chain or investment partners.
  • Providing technical support to companies applying the AWS Standard
  • Strengthening AWS engagement in your region
  • Hosting events to promote water stewardship, for example within a specific industry sector
  • Strengthening the capacity of the AWS Secretariat through in-kind technical assistance or consulting.

If you are interested in strengthening the impact of water stewardship, please get in touch at info-at-allianceforwaterstewardship-dot-org


AWS Consultations

There are no public consultations active at the moment. Please sign up to our newsletter to ensure you receive notification of future consultations.

Certification Consultations

These listings are posted to give 30 days notice to stakeholders of upcoming audits.  This is your opportunity to give your input to the process. Please contact the listed Lead Auditor directly.

Announcement: 8th February 2017

Nestlè Waters Pakistan

Sheikhupura, 29KM Lahore-Sheikhupura Road Pakistan.


Site Code:



Nestlé Pakistan Limited located at 308 Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan is going for AWS (Alliance Water Stewardship) Assessment for its Sheikhupura factory. The manufacturing site and catchment is located in Sheikhupura, [address: Nestlé SKP Factory, 29-km Lahore-Sheikhupra Road, Sheikhupura, Pakistan].

The Assessment will start from second week of March 2017. The objective is to ensure use of water is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.

We welcome stakeholders to participate in the consultation process.  

Please contact the listed BV Auditor for more information:

Lead Auditor: Ms. May Huang

Auditor (local) : Tariq Qamar

Contact number: +92300 8488792 




Register interest

Join us as we work together to establish a water stewardship program to recognize and reward water management and usage that is socially and economically beneficial as well as environmentally sustainable.

Join our database and receive regular updates via our e-newsletter.
Learn more about supporting the Alliance. Send us your details and a member of the Alliance team will make contact to discuss how you might get involved.

For general enquiries about AWS, please contact us by email at info-at-allianceforwaterstewardship-dot-org

Individual members of the AWS secretariat can be contacted using the following links. 

Adrian Sym, Executive Director - email Adrian

Mark Dent, AWS Regional Manager Southern Africa - email Mark

Matt Howard, AWS Director, North America - email Matt

Zhenzhen Xu, AWS Asia Pacific Regional Director - email Zhenzhen

Richard Robertson, AWS Technical Manager - email Richard

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