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A fundamental principle of our approach is the importance of local engagement of stakeholders in water stewardhsip. With this principle to guide us we are building a system of regional partners and networks, supported by regional coordinators where resources permit. Please use the links in this section to find out how to engage with AWS in your region. As we are still building our partnership network some regions will be managed directly from AWS International. If your region is not listed then please get in touch with us directly at info(at)allianceforwaterstewardship(dot)org


Mark Dent is our Regional Manager for Southern Africa and the contact point for AWS in the region. Please contact Mark for any query relating to Water Stewardship in Southern Africa.

Recent news from Africa

AWS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency and other partners GIZ, Marks & Spencer, Woolworths and WWF. Under the terms of the MoU partners have agreed to collaborate closely on joint activities including sanitation in two informal settlements around Prince Alfred Hamlet in the Ceres district of the Western Cape where the AWS Standard is being implemented by stone fruit farmers.  Partners will also collaborate on clearing invasive vegetation, testing the AWS online tool, identifying the value of the AWS Standard and sharing of lessons. 

Responding to water risk issues within the agriculture sector, WWF South Africa has developed and launched a practical water stewardship web tool based on the AWS Standard. This interactive self-assessment website is intended for both commercial businesses and small-scale farmers who wish to improve their water usage and reduce their wider catchment-level impacts. More information at

The South African Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN), GIZ’s International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP) and the South African National Business Initiative (NBI) hosted a regional learning workshop on water stewardship in October.  The workshop focused on knowledge sharing and learning from a number of water stewardship case studies that are on-going in the region. Mark shared the platform with Jeremy Dufour, Sustainability Manager for OLAM in Tanzania, to present their progress towards AWS certification at their Aviv coffee estate near Songea, Tanzania.  OLAM have been supported on their water stewardship learning journey by AWS, Water Witness International, and AWS-accredited service provider, and through GIZ’s International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP). Olam and AWS have also published a summary report outlining the lessons learned in implementing the AWS Standard at the Aviv coffee estate. This report titled "Mitigating water risk and creating shared value" is avialble to download here.

Our Regional Manager Mark Dent led the delivery of Foundation, Advanced and Specialist level training courses in Pretoria during October (pictured). The courses were attended by a good spread of delegates from top level government official dealing with emerging new policies on water stewardship, corporate sustainability managers, consultants, auditors and NGOs.

Mark has been invited to serve on a high level panel appointed by the South African Department of Water and Sanitation to consider the restructuring of institutions in the water realm under its jurisdiction. His input will cover the role of water stewardship in the emerging new dispensation.

Mark represented AWS on a discussion panel organised by Coca Cola South Africa, the Mail & Guardian and the National Department of Water and Sanitation.   Mark spoke alongside the Deputy Director General of the Department of Water Affairs, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Business Initiative;  Chief Executive Officer of the Water Research Commission and the Founder of the Vaal Environment Justice Movement, SA  Water Caucus. The title of the discussion was “The role of Government, Industry and Community Partnerships in Water Stewardship: securing our shared water future”. More information at

Asia Pacific

AWS is represented in Asia Pacific by Water Stewardship Australia.  WSA was a founding member of AWS back in 2008 and has acted as the AWS regional initiative since that time. Email WSA ZhenZhen Xu is our Regional Manager for Asia Pacific based out of Shanghai.  Please email Zhenzhen for any queries on how to engage with AWS in the region.

Recent news from Asia Pacific

The 2nd CEO Water Stewardship Round Table was held in Taicang, China on 26th November.  AWS, together with our Partners Ecolab and Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE) co-hosted the event.  Representatives from government, NGOs, academia and businesses shared views on water challenges in China, and how water stewardship can help business manage risks and seize opportunities.  Participants also visited the Ecolab’s Taicang Plant (the first AWS certified site) with specific focus on site level water stewardship practice.  The next Round Table will be held in March next year.

Water Stewardship Australia has been invited to present to the WASH Reference Group of Australian Aid on how water stewardship can contribute to achieving WASH results. 

Water Stewardship Australia held its AGM in November, in conjunction with an event to celebrate Ingham’s AWS Gold Certification. More details at


The first Asia Pacific Water Stewardship Forum will be held in Brisbane, Australia on 23rd September in conjunction with this year’s International Rivers Symposium (IRS).  The Forum will bring together practitioners from across the region to update their knowledge. The purpose of this forum is to advance practitioners understanding of water stewardship as well as share experiences with the application of the AWS Standard. The full day program will cover system-wide issues such as developments with verification and accreditation, assessing water stewardship impacts and building the value proposition for good water stewardship.  The day will also examine sets of case studies on the application of water stewardship by processing industries and in agricultural situations. The Forum will conclude with a special session looking at priorities for further development of water stewardship in 2016.  This will be the first time water stewardship practitioners have been brought together in a specific forum since the launch of the process to develop the International Water Stewardship Standard in 2010.  It promises to be an exciting day examining this innovative approach to engaging major water users in addressing catchment challenges.

The IRS will be held in Brisbane from the 21-24 September and the Asia Pacific Water Stewardship Forum will be held on Wednesday 23. Early Bird registration is open on the IRS website until 30 June. Expressions of interest from people and organisations interested in presenting a case study are open until the 12 July.


WSA, our regional partner for Asia-Pacific, has signed a partnership agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to support water stewardship activities in South Asia, East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific.  The partnership is based on developing water stewardship projects in targeted catchments within the region and engaging Australian businesses in these projects with an initial focus on textiles and apparel and food and beverage.   WSA has developed links with major Australian retail chains such as Country Road and Cotton On and recently participated in a one day forum in Shanghai focused on the cutting and dyeing industries that had been sponsored by H&M, Levi, Target (US) and Gap.  WSA is also implementing a number of other water stewardship projects in agriculture, irrigation and malting. Also in Australia, A Project Officer has been employed for the Western Port Biosphere Water Stewardship project. To see a video related to this project please visit   

Australian launch attracts national attention

Our regional partner Water Stewardship Australia (WSA) held an Australian launch of the International Water Stewardship Standard at SA Water in Adelaide in cooperation with the Water Industry Alliance on the 16th of April.  Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) Chair Craig Knowles was a special guest at the launch.  He acknowledged the importance of engaging all stakeholders in water solutions and the role water stewardship could play in providing a framework for communities and industry to develop their own water stewardship solutions.  Other speakers included WSA Deputy Chair Julia Seddon from Inghams Enterprises who spoke about her company’s successful experience working with the water stewardship system; and Claire Miller from Dairy Australia and Carl Walters from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority spoke about their experience field trialling the water stewardship system and the benefits they had gained for their organisations.  New WSA Director Andy Roberts from the Water Industry Alliance spoke about his organisation’s interest in water stewardship.

To coincide with the Australian launch of the international standard WSA Secretary Michael Spencer, International Standard Development Committee member Prof. John Langford and Group Manager Environment at Inghams Enterprises Julia Seddon were interviewed on the ABC Radio National program Bush Telegraph.  The interview is available as an ABC podcast.  

Also in Australia, Chair of the National Water Commission Karlene Maywald congratulated WSA and AWS on the release of the international water stewardship standard.  Ms Maywald said:  “We share their (WSA and AWS) enthusiasm for the water stewardship concept and look forward to it becoming even more widely adopted.  In a world increasingly worried about the security of water resources, water stewardship is not just the business of governments.  Creation of globally recognised water stewardship standards and certification procedures will encourage all water users to adopt practices that are environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial and economically productive.”  The full text of Ms Maywald’s statement is available here: NWC message for launch ofAWS Standard. 


International Rivers Symposium

AWS teamed up with our regional partner Water Stewardship Australia to co-convene a seminar at this year’s International Rivers Symposium in Brisbane.  The well attended session, titled Building Catchment Level Engagement Through Water Stewardship, attracted a range of organisations interested in new approaches to engaging stakeholders in water stewardship.  

The session was chaired by WSA Chair, Dr Jamie Pittock, and included: WWF International water stewardship lead Stu Orr talking about water stewardship and industry; WSA Secretary Michael Spencer talking about engagement of agribusiness in water stewardship, and; the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority’s Helen Murdoch talking about water stewardship as a tool for NRM management.  WSA Board member and member of the International Standard Development Committee Professor John Langford took part in a part in a panel discussion.

Following the session at the Rivers Symposium, a public session was help at the offices of GHD in Brisbane.  There was considerable discussion at this session about the prospects for a field trial in the South East Queensland region.

Asia Water Week

AWS Chair, Michael Spencer, and Executive Director, Adrian Sym, both participated in two sessions at the Asia Water Week at the Asian Development Bank headquarters in Manila in April. The first session was a side event we hosted on the AWS Standard with the second being a session on water stewardship that we co-hosted with World Resources Institute and WWF. Coca Cola FEMSA participated at both sessions alongside Manila Water.

Report on field trial of Australian Water Stewardship Standard

Water Stewardship Australia (WSA) has completed its report on the recent full field trial of the Australian Water Stewardship Standard (Draft 2).  The trial involved working with Dairy Australia, Tatura Milk Industries and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA).  The trial was supported by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).  The report makes a number of recommendations for ongoing development of water stewardship standards.  It also observes a number of areas where existing practices in the region are good and where changes could improve current practice.  Importantly, the trial has focused on how to deal with complexity of compliance requirements for small producers and how the Australian Standard can work with existing systems.  The GBCMA found the water stewardship system could have considerable natural resource management benefits for the region.  For Dairy Australia, the trial provided an opportunity to assess the performance of existing tools such as its Dairy Self-Assessment Tool and inform the development of targets and action plans in the industry’s sustainability framework. A summary report is available using the link on the right side of this page.  The full report will be available shortly from the WSA website.



AWS participated in a water disclosure seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the draft AWS Standard was introduced in some detail and encouraged participants to provide feedback via the AWS website and organize field tests of the second draft Standard. The event was organized by the CEW Water Mandate working group of the Indonesian Global Compact Network (ICGN). ICGN is hosting a special session on water conservation work at the Corporate sustainability Forum being organized by the Global Compact ahead of Rio+20. 

Australian stakeholder workshop

Water Stewardship Australia, is holding a stakeholder workshop in Melbourne on the 1st and 2nd of February. This event is an important opportunity for Australian stakeholders to influence the future development of the global water stewardship standard and system. The workshop will consider changes to the Australian water stewardship standard.

Experience gained in Australia will in turn influence development of the global water stewardship standard and system. Members of the International Standard Development Committee (ISDC) will be in Australia to discuss their development work and learn from the Australian experience. A number of ISDC members are expected to participate in the WSA workshop. The WSA Technical Advisory Committee will meet in mid-January to finalise proposed changes to the Australian water stewardship draft standard to be considered at the February workshop.


Over recent years we have worked closely with the European Water Partnership which operates the European Water Stewardship program.Recognizing the need for a coherent global water stewardship system to engage major water users with interests in multiple regions,  AWS the EWP have reached an agreement to work together to achieve a single global water stewardship standard system compliant with ISEAL codes of good practice.  To read the full statement on this process please use the link on the right side of this page.



Latin America and Caribbean

In June 2016 we concluded contractual arrangements for the project "AWS Water Stewardship: Supporting the Sustainability and Competitiveness of Peruvian Asparagus" . This project seeks to address water as a major risk factor to the asparagus sector through multi-stakeholder collaboration driven by the implementation of AWS water stewardship with growers in La Libertad. The project brings together major value chain stakeholders. Founding partners include AWS, Centro de Investigación of Universidad del Pacífico, Marks & Spencer, Coop (Switzerland), Barfoots, IFC/2030 Water Resources Group, DanPer and SGS.

The partners are actively seeking to engage other producers, retailers and policy-makers in the project to increase uptake of AWS water stewardship in the Peruvian asparagus sector. For more information please download a short summary of the project.

Funding for the project comes from the the Swiss State Secretariat for Ecomomic Affairs (SECO) through its "SECOMEPTIVO " program, aiming to boost the competitiveness of Peruvian the economy.



To find out how to engage in AWS in Latin America and the Caribbean please email us.

During the development of the AWS Standard we worked closely with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean including Fundación FEMSA, Fundación Chile, CALCA (Water Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean) and The Nature Conservancy.  


More information

More information on our work in Latin America and the Caribbean

Peru Asparagus Project: Summary information

AWS-LAC 3rd Regional Forum in Medellin, Colombia-Agenda

(PDF - 83KB)

Rio +20 Corporate Sustainability Forum Joint Session-Agenda (Draft)

(PDF - 514KB)

AWS-LAC 2nd Regional Forum Full Report

(PDF - 660KB)

AWS-LAC Update July August 2011

(PDF - 280KB)

AWS-LAC Update May June 2011

(PDF - 291KB)

AWS-LAC Update April 2011

(PDF - 335KB)

North America

AWS is represented in North America by The Water Council, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Water Council has been the host of the AWS North America Regional Initiative since 2011. In November 2015 we signed an agreement to further strengthen our relationship. Our Regional Director for North America, Matt Howard, is based out of the Water Council's Golbal Water Centre. Please email Matt for any queries related to AWS in the region.

Recent news from North America 

Our North America Director, Matt Howard, worked with partners from Arizona State University (ASU) and The Nature Conservancy to conduct a weeklong series of water stewardship events on the Tempe, Arizona campus of ASU which culminated in two days of AWS Training at ASU’s Decision Center for a Desert City. Matt met with officials from The Nature Conservancy about future water trading programs in central Arizona, and officials from the Kyl Center for Water Policy, Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative and the Sustainable Cities Network, among others, to discuss ASU’s multi-faceted approach to addressing water challenges in the western U.S. states. Officials from the President’s Office of ASU also hosted a public lecture mid-week where Matt introduced the AWS Standard to an audience of students, professors and water professionals and advocates.

The week of events culminated in AWS-North America’s first official training program, delivering two days of AWS Training – Foundations of Water Stewardship and Advanced Training in the AWS Standard. Accompanying Matt in delivering the training were our AWS Technical Manager, Richard Robertson, and Mark McDermid, Manufacturing Specialist from the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP). AWS-North America awarded fourteen certificates of training to attendees from the NGO community, consultancies and other private sector organizations.

Matt is tentatively planning two more in-person training sessions in the first half of 2016. Check the AWS-North America website for more information on future training sessions or contact Matt directly by email.

AWS-North America’s web content can now be accessed directly at While content is still housed on The Water Council’s website internet users can directly access valuable and timely information on the range of AWS activities taking place throughout North America. Water users can also start their water stewardship journey on the site with helpful links on tools and of course access to the AWS global network and AWS Standard.

You can also follow AWS-North America on Twitter at @WaterStewardNA and on Facebook at  

South Asia

AWS has led the establishment if the India Water Stewardship Network (WSN), and is currently working with partners to establish a Pakistan Water Stewardhsip Network. 

Initial members of the IWSN are AWS, CDP, CIPT, CRB, HUF, IWMI, ITC, Netherlands' Embassy and WWF-India, with the 2030 Water Resources Group as an observer. At the IWSN meeting in Delhi on June 9th members approved a terms of reference (available to download at the right of this page) and began mapping out a pathway to expand the group while maintaining the core principles of credible water stewardship on which it was founded. One of the key milestones of the IWSN will be the Asia-Pacific Water Stewardship Forum being held in Delhi on September 13th, 2016.

Key partners for AWS in South Asia are the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) and The Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF).  We are now working with these and other key partners to establish an India Water Stewardship Network, and initial steps have been taken for a similar initiative in Pakistan. For more information on how to participate in these initiatives, or any other query related to South Asia, please email us

Recent news from South Asia


AWS was formally launched in Pakistan at a high profile event in Lahore in October, organized by our Founding Partners WWF and Nestle. The stimulus for this event was the implementation of the AWS Standard at Nestle’s Sheikhupura site, close to Lahore. WWF-Pakistan has been supporting Nestle in this work for some time and there is now a clear plan to pursue AWS certification at the site. For information on the launch event please visit

For more information on the need for water stewardship in Lahore, please see

Following the launch we held three days of training in Lahore for diverse audience, including Nestle staff from across Pakistan and professional service providers seeking AWS accreditation. Building a network of accredited service providers to support implementation of the AWS Standard in Pakistan is a critical next step. Pictured right are trainees who successfully completed all three levels of training, alongside our Executive Director Adrian Sym and WWF International's Alexis Morgan (both of whom were gifted new hats in Pakistan!).

As a result of the launch event our Executive Director Adrian Sym and WWF-Pakist
an’s Senior Manager Freshwater, Ali Hasnain Sayed, were interviewed on the influential national TV channel “Business Plus” (pictured below) This can be


AWS organized a workshop at the India and Sustainability Standards Conference organized by our partner the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB). Titled “Water Stewardship in India: Leaders, Sectors and Clusters” the event explored how to leverage case studies to advance water stewardship in India. The Dutch Ambassador in India, the Honourable Alphonsus Stoelinga (pictured below)
, opened the workshop which also included three case studies exemplifying how the AWS Standard has supported water stewardship in India. Jain Irrigation described their work to implement the Standard and achieve AWS certification at their site in Maharashtra; ITC described how the Standard had informed their integrated watershed development program, and; Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) described the third project they have implemented with their local partners to understand how the AWS Standard can support community water stewardship, with an emphasis on governance development. HUF have produced a report on this work in Rajasthan which is available at this link.

A direct outcome of the workshop was a commitment to establish an India Water Stewardship Network. For more information on how to participate in this initiative, please get in touch.

In partnership with CRB we delivered Foundations of Water Stewardship training in three Indian cities during September: Mumbai, Bengaluru and Tirupur. The trainings in Bengaluru and Tirupur had a particular focus on water stewardship within the textile sector. Tirupur accounts for 90% of India’s cotton knitwear export, worth an estimated 220 Billion Indian Rupees, yet has experienced serious water challenges. The Tirupur Exporters Association were amongst the trainees in our Foundations of Water Stewardship Course.

Following the trainings in September Adrian also participated as a panellist in the Water Conclave organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

More information

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